Cells and Molecules

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Cells are fundamental units of the body. They are arranged into tissues. Cells are made up of molecules. The cell surface membranes and nucleus membranes are made up of fats, with chunks of protein studding them.

Carbohydrate chains and trees are attached all over the place, playing an absolutely critical role in the highly specialized signals required for life as a cell and a person.

Proteins make up the receptors on the cell surface, enabling them to respond to signals from themselves, other cells, pathogens, environmental conditions, or damage. Proteins also make up the machines that make a cell work (so called kinases), the structural framework of the body (like collagen), and many of the body's signaling mechanisms (like insulin).


Watch Harvard University's Inner life of a cell, first without narration and then with narration


Cell Structure

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Cell Types

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Cell Behaviours

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Cell Organelles

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Molecules are pretty important. In this section, various molecules are discussed.