House of Commons passed a resolution on November 24, 1989 to eliminate child poverty by 2000.



Who Lives in Poverty?


UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Report Card

Canada has ~15% child poverty rate, cf 2.4% in Denmark



Effects of Poverty



The social gradient extends across the many different countries.



life expectancy

comparing highest and lowest income brackets in urban Canada in 1991

life expecancy was 78 vs 73 (Statscan)



Minimum wage


What is Being Done

The UK has a poverty reduction strategy

Quebec began in 2004, and Newfoundland in 2006


Build momentum and assert momentum is being built

"eliminating poverty is the best medicine money can buy" - David McKewan (sp), Toronto MOH


Good suggestions

10$ minimum wage

Stephane Dion - Nov 2007: 30-50 plan by 2012. 30% reduction in Canadians, and 50% drop in children, living in poverty




Poverty Assistance

Income Assistance needs to be strongly coupled with community assistance to get people up and running.


Poverty Organizations