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The term 'drug' is commonly used to describe a substance used as a medicine to treat a disease. Drugs are incredibly important components of health care, with almost 20% of health care costs going to drugs (ref).











Drugs can be classified according to many different factors. Pharmacotherapeutic classes refer to the clinical condition, while pharmacologic classes are based on a drug's molecular mechanism of action and the body system affected. A hybrid approach has been taken with the above list.


Individual Drugs





The term 'drug' can also refer to any biologically active compound that is taken with the intent to produce a change in the body. This more inclusive definition also allows a) substances such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, b) biomolecules such as vitamins, amino acids, and minerals; c) 'natural health products' such as ecinacea and St John's Wort; and even d) cosmetics. In some sense, the distinctions between a product sold by a pharmaceutical company and a vitamin fall to regulation and patents.


However, they can also be incredibly dangerous. Drug-drug interactions are common, and adverse drug reactions are the 4th-6th cause of death.









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routes of administration

How to choose drugs?

rationale for prescribing drugs is determined by risk vs benefit considerations

compliance can be quite low sometimes for a number of reasons








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thoughts on drug companies


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