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What is Global Health?


Global health is concerned with the well-being of the world's population. It encompasses everyone, with a view to equality.

What are the biggest threats facing the planet and its people? The answers are what global health care addresses.


It is also people working together. Many countries do not have the infrastructure or resources to support a well-functioning health care system. Countries such as Canada, blessed with abundance, have an opportunity, and perhaps an obligation, to enable and equip health care workers around the world to support their communities and societies.






Global Health Organizations



The Canadian Pediatric Society is working in Rigatzi, near Mbarara, to equip health care workers to go into communities and ensure standards for health and hygeine. Health care workers receive a two week course.

House which meet expectations are recognized with a gold star, which makes them quite proud!




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Traveling throughout Africa during the summer of 2006 taught me a bit about what I hope to do in the future.