Health Care

Health care is one of the biggest industries in the world. Either that or military, I would say.

Health care describes the people who the encourage and faciliatate health, along with the resources and systems supporting them.


Clinical Investigation

Differential Diagnosis

Further Investigations


Treatment Plan



Health care is first and foremost the responsibility and opportunity for the individuals, families, communities, and societies to embrace.

Health services research evaluates how people, structures, and policies work together to ensure health for populations.


The Health Care Continuum


HCPs are surrounded by communities ans societies of people supporting them and the ppoulation. These include:


The duties of HCPs should span at least three of the above levels of health care, and should preferably at least touch on all five.


health care costs

evidence-based health care

health care change


Tasks of the health care system include:






A lot of things are not easily slotted.

Lab techs (of which there are not enough): where do they go?


Health Care Systems

We have national funding and guideline templates that are borne by individual provincial and territorial programs and systems.



Health Systems in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is undergoing centralization these days as people move from rural communities into the cities. It is accordingly divided into District Health Authorities, of which there are x.

The Department of Health does many things.

Capital Health does many things in Halifax and its surroundings. The IWK is not part of it.


The Nova Scotia Environmental Health Centre, located in Fall River, is dedicated to care of people with chronic illness related to the environment. Dr Jonathan Fox is an MD there, and Gail (860-0057) is the administrator.