(see also nicotine dependence and addiction and quitting smoking)




Prevalence of Smoking


The Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey has found that




What is Smoke?

over 3400 constitutents, including 43 carcinogens


Particulate matter


Gas content



Health Effects of Smoking

Smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature illness and death.


There are at least 24 conditions linked to tobacco (ref).

The most common cause of smoking-related death is cardiovascular disease.

It also causes many cancers, including:

Nicotine causes inflammation, atherosclerosis

Smoking decreases risk of


Smoking in Pregnancy

Intrauterine growth restruction is the most well-established link

placenta previa and premature membrane rupture as well.

low birth weight is doubled.

preterm delivery

may be correlations with cleft palate

3x risk of SIDS




Second-hand Smoke in Children


Can cause otitis media